Monday, July 22, 2024

Premiere Nabs 3rd Consecutive Growth 100 Award

Well, it’s either our luck or our clients’ generous nature that persists, but in either case we are proud recipients of another Indiana Growth 100 Award. This honor, given by Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business, recognizes the top 100 high growth, high potential companies in the state of Indiana.

We are extremely pleased to have been chosen for our third consecutive year, and certainly realize that without your continued loyalty we would not have been able to achieve all we have. So, many thanks for making this possible, and (here’s a new twist) we finally get to receive a cool award we provided for a recognition program!

What the heck is a "2018" Premiere Hot Hoops Challenge"?

Well, that's an excellent question. It's a contest between Premiere friends and clients that enjoy college basketball, competing, or just joining in the fun surrounding the big college men's tournament that happens in mid-March.

It's super simple to enter - just take these easy steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter the following information:
a. In the Pool ID box, enter the number 30344
b. In the Pool Password box, enter 'premiere' (without the single quotes)

If your computer set a cookie on this site last year, all that info may pop right up again. If not, just use your name and password from last year.

3. Fill out the form information, including a personal username and password. (Rest assured, this information will NOT be sold or utilized for spam email under ANY circumstances.)

4. Make your bracket picks, with the ability to change them right up until your pool's deadline which is this THURSDAY, MARCH 15 at 12:15pm.
Remember, it's FREE to play, and we have cool prizes for our winners (including the coveted plaques that let your coworkers know they're bracket challenged and you're most definitely not).

We'll send three updates through the course of the tournament, or you can check the standings on runyourpool anytime you like. They don't have our cool puns, though.

Write us with any questions or click and enter by Thursday at 12:15. Or both.

Good luck!